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Casa Banquet Hall & Art Show

Every Saturday & Sunday We Transform The Casa Banquet Hall Into An Art Gallery
We weren't happy with what we started with so we expanded, redesigned the Casa and added a beautiful Banquet Hall. But thats not all! On Saturday and Sunday the banquet hall is transformed into an art gallery along with presenting the  best work here online in our Galeria.

We are happy to announce that our much awaited banquet hall is now finished. So book now for your coming events. Diverse and unique in nature, no matter what type of event you're planning, the banquet hall at the Casa is surely a location to suit it! Our dedicated team work throughout the day to ensure every arrangement is done to utmost perfection. Our banquet halls must be booked in advance. So why wait, the Casa team is at your service!


Our restaurant is presently decorated with original art representing a variety of Mexican themes. Many of the paintings were created by Spiro's wife and co-owner, Dr. Gail Firestone. And now she will continue to follow her dream and open the banquet hall to local artists to show their passion for art on Saturdays and Sundays along with uploading the best to this web site along with our Facebook page. So please inform your favorite artists that the Casa has opened it's doors to our local artists and at the same time will feature their work in all the right places. Please just give us a call if this interests you or an artist you may know.


905.535.2272 - 905.476.0571

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